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Lovers, Liars, and Lunatics *spoiler*

EVERYTHING about Elaine and Paddy reminds me EXACTLY of my friends mom and dad.
How they talk, both of their body structures, how they act. Even their hair styles and facial expressions. Its EXTREMELY creepy.
I already said that Christine Estabrook looked like my friends mom when I saw Chance, but in this one she is even acting like her. All of the manerisms even, its extremely creepy.
Its just even more creepy that Paddy looks and acts like her dad. Its like a reminder of spending the night.

I do love this movie though. Its just weird to watch when I know people that act exactly like that.

The only difference is that they have two daughters, but I told her that if Amber Benson were to randomly sneak into her house, she has to call me so that I can prevent her from getting shot and then run away with her.

Then my friend called me crazy and walked away.

Also, does Louis remind anyone else of Dane Cook? Just a little bit? It could just be me.

PS: Amber is WAY too gorgeous.
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